How To Whiten Vintage Linens

You may want to try these whitening tips for your linen pieces if the cleaning did not give you the results that you wanted.

To Whiten Vintage Linens

Never, Never use chlorine bleach! It will eat holes in the fabric. (not pretty) Oxyclean products work safely or Borax if you can find it. If you are concerned, you might do a small test spot first.

To treat specific spots, try lemon juice and salt. Granny didn't have Oxyclean products, but she did have stains and wanted whiter linens. My grandmother always used lemon juice and salt and then she would lay the piece out in the yard in the sun. Amazing! If that doesn't work for you, you can make a paste of Oxyclean.

Sun bleaching worked for our grandmothers. Place a towel under the piece, lay it out in the yard and keep it damp by spritzing it with water. Keep dogs and kids away.

Bringing your linen pieces back to life with a little cleaning and whitening is really pretty simple.

Keeping these tips in mind, the nest time you are antiquing and you see a piece of linen that needs cleaning, don't walk away from something that you love. With a little care, you can clean it.

You'll be glad you did.